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Nonogram / Griddler Tips and Tricks

A good list of tips and tricks for solving nonogram puzzles can be found on wikipedia.
The key thing is never just guess! Only mark cells which you are 100% sure should be blank or filled. If you guess, a single error can spread over the entire image and make a complete mess!
The best way to practice is to get yourself a book of griddler / nonogram puzzles! Try the Sunday Telegraph newspaper, or check out some of the books on amazon here. Alternatively if you don't like using pen and paper, you could try out the Nintendo DS and get the Nintendo "Picross DS" game. These are a slight variant on the usual nongram / griddler format, but are just as much fun and just as highly addictive!
Good luck, and don't forget that if you get stuck, you can try our on-line nonogram solver to help you see what the solution should have looked like!
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