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The Sunday Telegraph nonogram series

The 'Book of Nonograms' series of 5 books was the first set published by the Sunday Telegraph. Instructions, introductory puzzles and solutions are provided so the books are good if you are new to nonogram or griddle puzzles. Each book contains in the region of 80 puzzles providing hours of amusement! The later books (from book 3 onwards) contain fewer introductory examples and are better suited if you have already successfully completed a few puzzles! You can buy the Nonogram Series of books at Amazon by clicking here.
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The Sunday Telegraph griddler series

The griddler series of books was the second set of nonograms published by the Sunday Telegraph. They are substantially more challenging than the earlier 'Book of Nonogram' series, and are well suited to the real griddler addicts who can't get enough. Again each book contains in the region of 80 puzzles, and with over 9 books in the series this should keep you busy for many an hour! You can buy the Griddler Series of books at Amazon here.
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